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Annual Conference 2012 was held in Harbin Victories Hotel

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  March 31 , Heilong Jiang Longqing ( hexagonal ) Oil annual meeting was held in Harbin Victories Hotel . Head office and the branch staff of 65 team members who attended the meeting. Board Chairman Mr. Liu Lizhu summary of the work done on behalf of the company , and the deployment of 2012 tasks.

  Liu , chairman of emphasis from network expansion column , oil management, team building , financial management , logistics services , supervision and auditing of the eight aspects of the work summarized in 1011 the company carried out for the operation and management of the problems and weaknesses analysis, and on the future direction of the company , strategic positioning and the 2012 pattern of the tasks were discussed and deployment.

  Meeting institutional settings and read the company personnel adjustments with the relevant documents , the new institutional set the future development of the company from a strategic height , at the company headquarters set up in Heilongjiang Province , Liaoning Province, the company and the Industrial Development Centre . Structure more in line with company strategic positioning.

  At the meeting, Chairman Liu Lizhu with various departments and business departments to expand the network signed a target management responsibility , the departments said to overcome all difficulties , firmly determined to complete the annual task of the company 's targets .

  The most eye-catching scene Assembly awards ceremony. Sun Jianfeng , Wang Rui Qi , Peng Gong science, Weiwen Tao , Wang Xu was awarded six outstanding employees the company advanced individual model , each received awards 5000 yuan ; corporate intranet Billiton Harbin , Heilongjiang Branch was awarded the team 's advanced model units , each received awards 3000 yuan ; Qiqihar Branch , Liaoning jinci timely completion of the company network extension indicators , each receive 120,000 yuan reward network expansion , which is the second extension of the Department of Harbin network in November 2011 for the award , another breakthrough in this work ; staff Chenhui Yu , Wei Wentao , Li Chunrong was chairman Award nomination, each receive 123,000 yuan worth of Beijing Hyundai sedan one, when they came to collect the beginning of the ignition key atmosphere of the meeting was a climax , a round of applause . The three awardees were also his acceptance speech , gratitude and loneliness , determination and confidence in the future to do all the work resounding .

  After the meeting, all participants in the Victories Hotel dinner chairman Liu column gave a warm speech , and to toast , participants performed a variety of cultural programs for the Victories Hotel adds a beautiful landscape.


                                    Chairman and network expansion Prize winner photo


                             Billiton chairman and net operating department heads to sign liability form


                                After the chairman posed for pictures with all participants


                           Chairman Award nominations get three colleagues and prizes photo

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