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Heilongjiang Longdragon Petroleum Corp 2013 annual summary of operations st

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  Seize the opportunity unity across development

  Achieve a new leap in enterprise

  In the warm spring breeze , things recover, Heilongjiang Province, Heilongjiang Longdragon Petroleum Corp, " 2013 annual summary 2014 in recognition of the annual business start -cum- Conference" on March 15, 2014 -16 grand in Harbin Victories Hotel Apartments held .

  Group Deputy General Manager Fanqing Hui , deputy general manager of the Red warm , Sun Jianfeng , chestnut cinnamon , head all the executives, each molecule manager , advanced workers , more than 30 people attended the meeting.

  Group meetings each branch manager and deputy general manager of the General Assembly had spoken communication, announced the appointment and removal of the decision , in recognition of the 2013 degrees advanced individual , identified the 2014 operation , network extension , engineering and other indicators and tasks. Finally, Group Chairman Liu column delivered an important speech .

  Chairman of the Board first reviewed the work done in 2013 across the Group companies and all subsidiaries , in affirming our achievements , we also analyzed the past year to work the problems .

  Chairman pointed out that in 2014 the oil market policies from the national perspective, a qualitative change , especially in the petrochemical implementation of the policy of mixed ownership , private oil companies are inspiring to us , struggling and suffering for twenty years we eat a policy of reassurance , 2014 will be our year to reshape dream start operating year.

  Chairman pointed out to seize the opportunity, we want to be inspired, seize this golden opportunity, to realize our dreams.

  Chairman of the Board concluded that the 2014 mission and objectives have been identified, we need to " build a first-class team, a sound management system , strengthen the network expansion , start the oil business , make an inventory of idle assets ." Faced with new opportunities new goal to unite all the staff , down to earth , help each other to realize new dreams and work !

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