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Ronde oil into new areas of business development force to diversify the road

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  In the recently held annual meeting of the company , Long Qing ( hexagonal ) oil made into new areas and take strategic decisions diversification of the road , not only within the enterprise has aroused strong repercussions in the industry peers also caused concern .

  Long Qing ( hexagonal ) Oil is one of the first private oil companies , more than two decades , businesses small to large, from weak to strong, Long Qing ( hexagonal ) who walked out of an arduous road of development . Years of practice make corporate executives deeply felt , " jerky walk on one leg , the East does not shine bright " truth. After a long period of market research and relevant experts, the company decided to inject billions of dollars into new projects to be implemented in phases imported wine monopoly , fast hotel chains, imported luxury boat dealership , small loan companies , distribution of imported oil in five areas expansion. Currently into new areas of work has already been launched . Corporation has published in Beijing , Shenyang, Harbin and other cities influential newspaper job ads , and held the high-end talent recruitment meeting in Shenyang, Harbin, recruitment will also upcoming in early May . Project department in Beijing, Shenyang, Harbin , has been working visits and site selection, expected in July , the new projects will be substantial start . For ease into new areas , the company also decided to headquarters to Beijing , which indicates the future Ronde ( Long Qing ) oil companies will focus southward , diversification will become the dominant development strategy.

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