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Solvent oil technical standards

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  Solvent oil is one of the five categories of petroleum products. Use solvent oil is widely used. The largest amount of devaluation paint solvent oil ( commonly known as paint solvent ) , followed by a cooking oil, printing ink , leather, pesticides, insecticides , rubber, cosmetics, perfumes , pharmaceuticals , electronic components and other solvents. There are about 400-500 species of solvents on the market , including solvent oil ( hydrocarbon solvents, benzene compounds ) accounted for about half.

  By boiling of the solvent oil can be divided into three categories : low-boiling solvent oils, such as solvent extraction # 6 oil, boiling range 60-90 ℃; boiling point of the solvent in the oil , such as a rubber solvent oil, boiling range 80 to 120 ℃; high boiling solvent oils , such as paint solvent , boiling range 140-200 ℃, ink solvent oil is widely used in recent years , the dry- up point 300 ℃.

  According to the chemical structure of the solvent can be divided into paraffinic oil , naphthenic and aromatic hydrocarbons three. Indeed addition of ethane , toluene and xylene few pure hydrocarbon compound solvent oil , the oil is a solvent mixture of hydrocarbons of various structures .

  By zoning , according to the national standard GB1922-88, ie 98% of their distillation temperature or dry- point division solvent oil , a common grades are: 70 # flowers solvent oil , petroleum ether 90 # , 120 # rubber solvent oil , 190 # detergent oil, solvent oil paint 200 # 260 # special kerosene-type solvent . There are also 6 # solvent oil extraction , washing aviation gasoline, 310 # color ink solvent oil. Farm Locust solvent oil . In fact, far more than the market , the manufacturer according to user needs , producing a variety of solvent oil .

  Depending on the nature of solvent oil and its different uses are different, the main consideration should be the choice of solvent oil solubility , volatility , security. Of course , depending on its use , the other of the performance can not be neglected , and sometimes even more important.

  Solvent refined oils including distillate cut two processes . Cut fractions process typically have the following three ways : directly cut from the atmospheric tower ; the corresponding light straight-run distillate and then cut into narrow fractions appropriate ; and the catalytic reforming raffinate fractionation . Various solvents oil fractions are generally required to go through refining and processing. To improve the color, improved stability, removing corrosive substances and reduce toxicity. Commonly used caustic refining methods , clay , etc. refining and hydrorefining .

  Solvent oil is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons , highly flammable and explosive . So from the production, storage and transportation to use, you must pay strict attention to prevent fires .

  Representation toxic solvent oil roughly three ways:

  Lethal dose (LD): highly toxic substances generally used to indicate the strength of the physiological role of animals as a yardstick .

  Lethal concentration (LC): concentration indicates a scale of acute poisoning.

  The maximum allowable concentration (MAC): The maximum allowable concentration in the air is usually steam capacity per million (ppm or 10-6 ) said that this is a rough estimate of toxic solvents , vary, not absolute limits.

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