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No. 97 gasoline wasted with you

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  According to the China Petrochemical Corporation Guangdong Branch of oil experts said the choice of petrol cars based primarily on grade gasoline engine compression ratio is determined , can not be measured by the price . Typically , the compression ratio should be used in the 7.5-8.0 90 # motor gasoline ; compression ratio should be used in the 8.0-8.5 90 # -93 # gasoline vehicles ; compression ratio should be used in the 8.5-9.5 93 # -95 # gasoline vehicles ; compression ratio 9.5-10 should use 95 # -97 # gasoline vehicles . The specific choice of approach should start to buy a car manual compression ratio to detect the car , and then choose the appropriate grade of gasoline , in order to make the best out of the engine 's performance.

  If long-term use of high-grade low- grade gasoline cars , ranging from detonation ( commonly known as knock ) , reduce vehicle power , increased fuel consumption, engine weight is cause serious damage. On the contrary, if the use of motor gasoline octane number had higher engine compression ratio requirements, not only economically wasteful , but also lead to a slow fire , burning prolonged power down, and even burn the exhaust manifold , which is unscientific the .

  There are some owners also pointed out that the quality of oil gas station off, however, not as low-grade gasoline grade gasoline .

  Experts said that due to the fact that the real high-grade gasoline with a higher octane rating , better combustion , can bring more power and lower emissions for cars. Usually large state-owned gas stations from the national large-scale high-grade gasoline refineries, tools and more complete factory inspection procedures , quality assurance, is not a problem. Some private petrol stations, unscrupulous businessmen freeloaders that grade gasoline prices higher, so shoddy, some small refineries from 97 # gasoline purchased at a low price , and most of these substandard gasoline , generally contain more or less olefins, sulfur or benzene ; octane number or additives in some low-grade gasoline , making gasoline soared high to scale 97 # gasoline. When the car long-term use , there will be residual impurities cylinder injector blockage or problem , consumers should pay special attention .

  Equipment capacity.

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