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Oil Knowledge

Crude oil and oil products storage and handling

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  Currently , 90 #, 93 # , 97 # gasoline on three different labels Guangzhou market , but according to statistics , the use of high-grade gasoline in Guangzhou only 23% of the total number of vehicles , most owners choose cheap low-grade gasoline . In Beijing , 65 percent of the cars using high-grade gasoline .

  1 , the basic requirements of crude oil and oil products storage

  The main way to store crude oil and oil products are stored in bulk storage and ready , ready storage means in the form of a standard barrel storage, bulk storage means in the form of storage tanks , metal tanks and tanks can be divided non-metallic tanks, metal tanks can be divided into vertical and horizontal cylindrical cylindrical . Depot according to different construction methods , bulk crude oil or oil products can be applied to the ground , several semi-underground way and underground oil reservoir , oil seal cave , underwater oil and so on. But no matter what kind of storage methods adopted , particularly crude oil storage should meet the following basic requirements:

  ( 1 ) prevent deterioration

  In the oil storage process, to ensure the quality of the oil , we must pay attention to : reduce the temperature of the air and water , the sun , the impact of metal on oil .

  ( 2 ) reducing losses

  Currently depot is common practice : use floating roof tanks, internal floating roof tank ; optional breathing valve flapper valve under the tank to breathe ; water spray cooling.

  ( 3 ) improve the safety of oil storage

  Because of the risk of oil fires and explosions more dangerous , it must reduce the sensitivity of the explosion of oil and apply good flame retardant material .

  2 , crude oil handling and basic requirements

  Loading and unloading of crude oil and oil products is nothing more than the following forms: rail loading , water handling, road handling and straight pipes lose . Depending on the nature of oil which can be divided into light oil loading and unloading viscous oil ; consider oil from the loading process can be divided into the unloading, under unloading , gravity and pumping and other types. But in addition to direct transmission pipeline outside , no matter what mode handling , loading and unloading of crude oil and oil products must meet the following basic requirements:

  ( 1 ) must be done through special facilities and equipment .

  Crude oil and oil products handling special facilities are: special railway lines and tankers, oil terminals or berthing point , tankers, trestle or operating platform ; special equipment are: crane unloading oil pipe , tubing sets , pipelines and transmission pumps, hair oil filling equipment , viscous oil heating equipment , flow meter.

  ( 2 ) must be completed in a dedicated work area .

  Loading and unloading of crude oil and oil products has a dedicated work area , the work area is usually dedicated isolation facilities and isolated from the surrounding environment , and must meet stringent fire , explosion , lightning , anti-static requirements.

  ( 3 ) must be done by specially trained professional and technical staff to complete

  Time and speed ( 4 ) Handling of more stringent requirements.

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