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Application Features Gas Storage and Transportation of the pressure washer

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  In recent years, high pressure washer in China has been rapid development, due to the high pressure cleaner with a high quality of work , fast, low investment , will not cause environmental pollution and so on , so in the oil and gas storage and transportation fields has been widely used. So , Sets advantage in specific applications in the field of oil and gas storage and transportation is reflected in what areas?

  Pressure washer application characteristics of oil and gas storage and transportation

  1, to ensure the quality of oil storage and transportation , while environmental pollution

  After the cabin when the tanker , rail tanker , motor tanker , oil drums and other oil and gas storage and transportation tools prolonged use or replacement of storage media , in order to ensure the quality of the oil storage and transportation , must be cleaned . Working medium pressure washer is used without adding any chemical cleaning agent water, water treatment and chemical cleaning difficult treatment difficulty when comparing significantly reduced. Pressure Washer smaller applications in Rust noise , and no glare fire, so the operator does not have any sound and light pollution.

  2 , quality assurance

  Oil Tank after a certain time , at the bottom of scale, in order not to affect the quality and volume of oil tank , so the need for cleaning. High quality dead or unreachable areas belonging to the physical type of cleaning pressure washer cleaning equipment , you can use the full range of pressure washers for cleaning operations , automate , as long as the high-pressure water jets can reach areas can be cleaned, does not exist .

  3 , safe and reliable equipment maintenance

  Oil storage tanks and other equipment during the cutting, welding or spraying in order to ensure safe operation , must be cleaned to remove grease and oil vapor , to ensure safe operation . When cleaning operations depot equipment or pipelines , conventional flare or dynamic power is very dangerous and must be taken very tight security measures and strict compliance with safety regulations. And the cleaning operation is performed using the pressure washer will not produce sparks and the operating temperature is room temperature , even at very high concentrations of gas are also very safe work environment .

  4, to improve the heat transfer efficiency and save energy

  Pipeline transportation of crude oil or heating oil tanks viscosity during heating , boilers, heat exchangers and other heat transfer device due to long use, the scale is very serious, resulting in decreased heat transfer efficiency , increase energy consumption . Use pressure washer cleaning can effectively remove fouling layer , improve the heat transfer efficiency and energy utilization.

  5, to reduce friction and improve the transmission capacity

  Pipeline in operation due to the generation of scaling, corrosion and other reasons, so that the pipe cross-sectional area decreases, the friction increases, the output decreases, in order to complete the required increase in the same amount of power output , the need for pipe cleaning. Pressure Washers Compared with mechanical and chemical cleaning methods , with high efficiency, good cleaning quality , low cost , no damage to be cleaned , clean, easy to implement mechanization , low labor intensity , safe and reliable , and many other advantages. After practice shows that bundles after pressure washer cleaning , reaching back to the old but also new effects .

  In summary, we can see in the oil and gas storage and transportation engineering pressure washer is mainly used for pipes, vertical or horizontal storage tanks, all kinds of tankers, oil drums and other small equipment and various exchange heat cleaning , compared to other cleaning methods , the advantages of pressure washer is very significant , so its application in the field of oil and gas storage and transportation more widely .

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